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TWISTERTM Geothermal Heat Exchanger Saves Space, Time and Money

Innovative Design Makes TWISTERTM the Most Efficient Geothermal Heat Exchanger on the Market

TWISTER Geothermal Heat Exchanger is a breakthrough in vertical bore heat exchanger technology. Its patented design reduces the amount of bore required for geothermal projects. With TWISTER, you can simultaneously install 4 twisted loops in 1 vertical bore. By decreasing the amount of bore, TWISTER reduces the costs, complexity, time, and required space of geothermal heating system installations. Learn More Technical Information about TWISTER.

Proven Benefits of the TWISTER Heat Exchanger

  • 20%-50% Less Drilling
  • Cost Savings of about 20%
  • Faster Installation
  • Reduced Space Requirements
  • More Efficient Operation
  • Can Be Used in Residential & Commercial Applications
  • Ideal for Properties with Limited Space

How the TWISTER Works

TWISTER Geothermal Heat Exchanger takes greater advantage of heat transfer properties and the heat capacity of the soil. Its unique design leverages bore space to achieve maximum efficiency. Even though it is more efficient, TWISTER’s installation procedure is the same as with standard pipe, so there is no learning curve and no special equipment is needed.

Plus, it meets requirements of the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association, as well as most state geothermal well specifications.

  • I have used TWISTER at for a number of residential and commercial projects at the request of the customer.  The product has been easy to work with and my customer is satisfied with the results and I look forward to using it again on future projects.

    Ryan Wragg Gap Mountain Drilling, NH
  • As a preferred drilling partner to Agreenability, we have found that the TWISTER works as promised, is easy to install with our standard equipment, and helps us to reduce the cost of our installations.

    Mike Barlow Thermal Loop Corporation, MD
  • As a driller I have used the TWISTER on several projects. In each case the TWISTER performed very well, was easy to install with our standard equipment and reduced the cost of the loop field.

    Len Stone Bucks County Well Drilling, PA


Design a more cost-effective and efficient geothermal heating system with our advanced space saving vertical loop technology. TWISTER can be used in building applications of all sizes.
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Get the job done faster and give more competitive bids with TWISTER’s pioneering design. See why this groundbreaking geothermal heat exchanger is the preferred new loop technology.
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Because TWISTER gets drillers off the project quickly, contractors can complete installation in less time. That equals greater productivity and substantial cost savings.
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®Home/Property Owners

Drilling can take up half the cost of a geothermal heating system installation. The TWISTER heat exchanger can save you up to 25% on installation costs and gives you a more efficient system.
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Case Studies

San Ramon, CA
San Ramon, CAVideo of installation
Dunstable, MA
Dunstable, MAReal Time Monitoring
Montvale, NJ
Montvale, NJReal Time Monitoring

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Adding Value to Geothermal Boreholes

Across the globe, geothermal drilling has surged in response to the demand for a cleaner alternative to heating and cooling buildings. Although the increased market for geothermal drilling is great news for drilling professionals, it’s also bringing more competition from drill operators wanting a piece of the business.

Derek Stewart from Catskills Geothermal and Well Drilling, a third generation well drilling professional, has been drilling geothermal wells for several years. Recently he began searching for a solution to a number of problems.  Increased competition has brought the price of geothermal drilling down.

Derek is well versed in technological improvements such as high-conductivity grout and the more recent intro duction of graphite-enhanced grout, to help improve heat transfer. So, when he came across the TWISTERTM high-efficiency, multiloop geoexchange pipe from Agreenability, he was excited to discover such an effective solution. Knowing each foot is expensive to drill, but also being limited in what he could charge per foot, TWISTERTM offered a way to increase the value of a borehole without having to drill deeper.

TWISTERTM increases the rate of heat exchange between the heat transfer fluid and ground so effectively, it can increase the capacity of a 300-foot bore from two tons (with standard 14-inch pipe) to three tons, representing a 50% increase in value of the borehole. The increased value means drill operators can charge more per foot. Although TWISTERTM costs more than standard pipe, the additional cost is easily recovered by the increased value of the borehole.

While it’s a drastic improvement over standard technology, it’s constructed with the same reliable HDPE (high density polyethylene) materials and meets requirements of IGSHPA (International Ground Source Heat Pump Association), as well as most state geothermal well specifications. Best of all, it’s installed the exact same way as a standard loop, so you don’t have to change the installation process.

SOURCE: The original Article can be found at the World Wide Drilling Resource website in the article archive page (please note this original article is built in adobe flash and you must allow flash to run in your browser in order to view this article):

TWISTER was featured in “NATIONAL DRILLER” Magazine

National Driller Magazine talks about how a long-established well drilling firm in northern New Jersey began working with “Twister,” our new ground loop heat exchanger.  Our innovative design for use in heat pump systems reduces the time and effort to get the job done and on this particular job, resulted in savings of up to about 25 percent in cost.

New Jersey Business Incubation Network Award Winning Company

Each year, the New Jersey Business Incubation Network (NJBIN) selects the top high-performing companies from its incubators to be recognized at its Annual Business Incubation Awards, an event co hosted by the New Jersey Technology & Entrepreneurship Talent Network. Click on the images below to view a video business card (Vidbi) of each award-winning company. Agreenability was selected as a 2014 award winner.

New Twister Heat Exchanger From Agreenability Now Available for Residential and Commercial Applications

Agreenability today announced the commercial availability of its new TWISTER™ heat exchanger for residential and commercial geothermal heating and cooling applications. Extensive testing and real world applications have proven that TWISTER’s patent-pending technology can typically reduce costs by 20% and drilling requirements by 30%, thereby providing measurable benefits for contractors and end users alike. Agreenability is a “green” company headquartered at the Business Accelerator at Bergen Community College in New Jersey.

Twister Heat Exchanger Reduces Geothermal Loop Field Costs

National Driller Magazine featured Agreenability as a Product of the Week. Their article states, “Its new Twister product represents a breakthrough in vertical bore heat exchanger technology.” The article explains that Twister is designed for both residential and commercial heating cooling and “allows the simultaneous installation of four loops in a single vertical bore, giving greater efficiency for the user and lower costs for installers.” President and CEO Robert Jensen says, “This is a significant improvement for geothermal heat pumps.”

Agreenability Completes TWSITER Heat Exchanger Development

Agreenability today announced it has completed development of its much-anticipated TWISTER™ heat exchanger for residential and commercial geothermal heating and cooling applications. TWISTER™ is a patent-pending system representing a new vertical bore heat exchanger technology and which allows the simultaneous installation of four loops in a single vertical bore for greater efficiency and lower cost. Agreenability is a “green” company headquartered at the Business Accelerator at Bergen Community College in New Jersey.

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