Home Geothermal Systems Costs Are Reduced with TWISTERTM Heat Exchanger

TWISTER’s Breakthrough Design Can Cut Geothermal Installation Costs by 20%

Geothermal heating and cooling systems offer a host of benefits – from being eco-friendly and more affordable to run to paying for themselves in just a few years. Despite these amazing advantages, many homeowners are on the fence about installing a geothermal system because of the high cost of installation. TWISTER Geothermal Heat Exchanger helps reduce ground loop installation costs –by an average of 20%.

Why Homeowners Demand their Geothermal Contractors Use TWISTER

  • Substantial cost savings
  • More efficient, reliable system performance.
  • Less drilling
  • Less damage to property because less boreholes needed
  • Quicker project completion

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Less Drilling, Greater Savings

The most expensive part of installing a home geothermal system is drilling for the ground loop. TWISTER’s patented design cuts down on the drilling required – 1/3 less drilling on average. Less drilling means lower installation.

How TWISTER’s Advanced Technology Saves You Money

Traditional heat exchangers – the pipe that transfers heat from the ground to the heat pump – have a borehole with one loop. TWISTER has four twisted loops that add up to nearly 300% more pipe to transfer the ground heat. More pipe means less drilling. And less drilling, results in reduced up-front cost. Learn More Technical Information about TWISTER.

TWISTER Also Enhances a Geothermal System’s Efficiency

TWISTER is the most efficient ground loop geothermal heat exchanger on the market today. It leverages the heat transfer and heat capacity of the soil by packing more loops in a single drilling borehole. Plus, its central grout pipe conduit ensures the highest quality earth connection for more reliable system performance.

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