TWISTER is a 4-Loop assembly of eight ¾” HDPE pipes that are twisted together around a 2” central grouting conduit. The result is a pipe bundle that has a diameter of 4.5” which fits perfectly in 5.5”-6” bore hole.

Advantages of the Twisted Pipe Configuration:

  • Twisting the pipe allows it to be coiled up in continuous length for easy transportation and installation.  Watch 500′ TWISTER installed in less than 4 minutes.
  • Twisted pipe enhances heat transfer of the fluid flowing through the pipe.

The 4-Loop (8 pipe) Configuration Allows for Additional Advantages:

  • More heat transfer surface areaincreases efficiency.
  • 4 parallel loops reduce pressure loss.

2” Central Perforated Conduit Provides:

  • An unobstructed path for the grouting tremie to be inserted to the bottom.
  • Spacing for the 8 loop pipes to be optimally positioned for maximum heat transfer.
  • The most reliable and easy grouting process of any geothermal loop pipe available. Proven to deliver the best grouting result for reliable ground connection and performance.

Connections Are Simple and Easy with Factory Installed Fittings

  • Connections are identical to current standard practices.

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