This expansive property is a 20,000 sqft single family residence in Tuxedo Park, New York, with many heating and cooling requirements and challenges. In 2014 Natural Energy Solutions assessed the home and designed a system with eleven geothermal units for heating and cooling, two geothermal units and three racks of evacuated tube solar thermal for domestic hot water, two pools, a spa, and a koi pond. Both the family and the koi now live comfortably in this beautiful home throughout the seasons.


  • Eric Maskell
  • Natural Energy Solutions

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Residential Project
Large Residential Compound Tuxedo Park NY.
Feet of TWISTER 12,240
Cost Savings $55,000

36 Boreholes @ 343 Feet
12,348 Feet total bore footage
TWISTER heat exchanger.
Year 2015

Alternate Design
54 Boreholes @ 343 Feet
1 ¼” Pipe
18,522 Feet total bore footage.

72 Tons of heating/cooling pump equipment.
864 KBtuh.

This includes heat loads for two swimming pools and Koi pond.
Heating and cooling of Guest house.

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