The heating and cooling system has been operating for over five years with substantial savings over the pre-existing system. 11 GSHPs, which provide 58 tons of HVAC capacity for the facility. The GSHPs support over 35 separate heating and cooling zones. The residents have enjoyed the ability to have separate thermostat settings for each room. Achieve Renewable Energy, LLC. designed and installed the geothermal system. In addition to the greatly increased comfort, the GSHP system will save over 70% on the annual heating and cooling bills and decrease carbon dioxide emissions for heating and cooling by more than 65%.

Larry Lessard
Achieve Renewable Energy

978 338 0951



12 Boreholes @ 400 Feet
4,800 Feet total bore footage
TWISTER heat exchanger.
Year: 2015
Ground Conductivity 1.7
Grout 1.0

Alternate Design
18 Boreholes @ 400 Feet
1 ¼” Pipe
7,200 Feet total bore footage.

58 Tons of heat/cooling pump equipment.
696 KBtuh.

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