Ground breaking Vertical Geothermal Loop Technology that Reduces Costs and Improves Efficiency

Design a Lower Cost Geothermal System with the TWISTERTM Heat Exchanger

Engineers need to consider many factors when designing a geothermal heating and cooling system. Building loads, spatial limitations, soil conditions, and well depth are just a few items on the list. The TWISTER Geothermal Heat Exchanger with its patented vertical loop technology can help alleviate space constraints and reduce drilling requirements by leveraging high bore efficiency.The result can be overall project cost reduction averaging about 20%.

TWISTER Is the Most Efficient and economical Vertical Geothermal Loop Heat Exchanger on the Market

  • 20%-50% less drilling.
  • Average of 30% reduction in loop length.
  • Project cost savings of approximately 20%.
  • Faster installation –sometimes months faster.
  • Alleviates space requirements
  • More efficient operation
  • Can be used in residential and commercial applications

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Greater Efficiency, Less Drilling.

TWISTER’s innovative design is centered around borehole thermal resistance reducing technology. Unlike other vertical heat exchangers,which employ only a single loop,TWISTER has four twisted loops and a central conduit. This break through geothermal technology reduces drilling by 20% to 50%, resulting in substantial installation cost reduction. Learn more about TWISTER’s technical aspects.

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