The Geothermal Drilling Process Is Easier and More Cost-Effective When You Use TWISTERTM

TWISTER’s Revolutionary Technology Saves Time & Improves Driller Profit Margins

Drilling bores for geothermal heating systems is expensive and time consuming. Because of the time and work involved, the number of projects you can take on is limited. And with drilling costs typically taking up about half of the project budget, the high bids can result in home and property owners deciding against the investment. What if you could cut drilling on a project by 20%-50%? You could provide more competitive bids and take on more jobs. That’s a win-win for drillers and their customers. Well, you can do just that with the TWISTER.

Why Drillers Prefer TWISTER:

  • Allows for completion of more installs in less time.
  • Improves driller profit margins.
  • Installs like a standard Ubend.
  • No specialty equipment or capital investment required.
  • Supplied in continuous length coils with no field assembly needed.
  • Centralized grouting conduit makes for the fastest, easiest and most-reliable grouting process.
  • High performance reduces loop field size, cost and complexity.

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TWISTER Heat Exchanger Is a Drilling Game Changer

The patented technology behind TWISTER simplifies the drilling process. The novel design of TWISTER Geothermal Heat Exchangers allow the simultaneous installation of four twisted loops around a central Tremie conduit in a single vertical bore hole.

Conventional borehole with one loop and a Tremie Pipe

Borehole with TWISTER’s exclusive design(four loops and a central conduit)

  • As a driller I have used the TWISTER on several projects. In each case the TWISTER performed very well, was easy to install with our standard equipment and reduced the cost of the loop field.

    Len Stone Bucks County Well Drilling, PA

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