TWISTER™ Makes Installing a Geothermal System Easier and Less Costly

With TWISTER Contractors Can Take On More Projects and Improve Profit Margins

As a contractor, one of the most time consuming and expensive parts of any geothermal installation project is the drilling for the heat exchanger. The faster you can get a driller off the site, the quicker you can complete the install, and the sooner you can move on to the next client. Our breakthrough vertical heat exchanger technology drastically cuts down drilling time, boosting your productivity and cutting overall project costs.

The Advantages of Using TWISTER in Your Installations

  • Less drilling – up to 50% less (typically 1/3 less)
  • Reduced installation cost by approximately 20%
  • Faster project completion
  • Less space requirements making more projects feasible and increasing loop field capacity
  • More efficient operation

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Watch the video below to see how over 500 feet of the TWISTER Heat Exchanger was installed in less than 4 minutes!

Installing TWISTER Geothermal Heat Exchanger at Princeton University

Patented Design Speeds Up Installation Process

TWISTER provides a more practical use of bore space to achieve maximum results. With TWISTER Geothermal Heat Exchangers you can simultaneously install 4 twisted loops around the central Tremie conduit in a vertical bore hole. The result is less drilling – up to 20% to 50% less depending on ground properties and building load profile. And less drilling means faster installation, sometimes months faster for large projects. Plus, TWISTER has a centralized grouting conduit for the most reliable, easiest and quickest grouting process. So you save on drilling costs and installation time. This savings means more competitive bids and the ability to take on more projects.

Delivered in coils, TWISTER installs just like standard loop pipe with no field assembly necessary. Since standard methods of installation are employed, there is no learning curve or need to purchase any special equipment. TWISTER installs just like a Ubend.

TWISTER Heat Exchangers Also Make Geothermal Systems More Efficient

TWISTER is the most efficient ground loop geothermal heat exchanger on the market today because it leverages bore capacity to achieve maximum heat exchange while minimizing headloss.

  • We specify TWISTER on all of our geothermal projects. Even with 1/3rd less bore-feet/ton, our TWISTER loops perform better than systems that were installed with standard loop technology. Better performance and lower installed cost is the reason all of our systems are TWISTER systems.

    Eric Maskell Natural Energy Solutions, Red Hook, NY.
  • I came across TWISTER and immediately saw the improvements of my previously proven work. And the driller could insert them in no time right then and there. I was sold. Outside of the really unusual projects, I now use them exclusively.

    Fred Feige Alias the

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