Advancing the Geothermal Heat Exchange System

We are committed to helping advance the geothermal industry through the use of Borehole Thermal Resistance reducing technology. With the assistance of industry experts across many disciplines, we conceived, developed, tested, validated, and patented the TWISTER multi-loop geo-exchange pipe. This groundbreaking technology controls overall geothermal system costs, simplifies projects, and where possible, saves space.

The Next Step in the Evolution of Geothermal

Historically, geothermal energy has been in use for 10,000 years. Throughout the ages, geothermal heating and cooling systems have evolved to what they are today. Agreenability is excited to be part of the next step in the geothermal evolution with its twisted technology that makes geothermal heating and cooling systems more affordable. By fitting four twisted loops and a central conduit in a single borehole, TWISTER increases the Heat Transfer Surface Area in the same borehole space by nearly 300%. This new geothermal technology reduces required drilling by up to 50%, depending upon ground properties and building load profile, and other factors, which in turn can decrease installation costs by around 20%.

Our company was determined to create the most efficient ground loop geothermal heat exchanger on the market. So the benefits of TWISTER’s unique design extend beyond streamlining geothermal installation for drillers and contractors. By leveraging borehole space with more piping, this heat exchanger maximizes conductivity. And its central grout line conduit enhances system performance by optimizing earth connection. Depending upon design objectives, engineers can configure TWISTER to improve COP of operation and reduce pumping power consumption.

All of these benefits are a win for the ultimate geothermal system users – the property and homeowners – and the planet overall because a more affordable and more efficient system means more people will embrace this form of heating and cooling. We are excited and humbled by how TWISTER is being accepted by geothermal professionals and the accolades it has received, including our company being honored with the New Jersey Business Incubation Network Award.

The Aha! Story Behind TWISTER Heat Exchanger’s Conception

Agreenability founder and mechanical engineer, Robert Jensen, had patented a pipe component that would make it easier and cheaper to install geothermal heat pump systems. Unfortunately, that idea didn’t really go anywhere until a ski trip. While on the chairlift, he noticed the cable used to transport the chairs up the mountain, which was a steel cable comprised of smaller cables that resembled Twizzler candy. Right then and there he realized that the same configuration could work for the Ground Heat Exchanger. It would allow more pipes to fit into a borehole, making the transfer of heat much more efficient. Over the months following that trip up the mountain, Robert wrote two new patent applications and incorporated Agreenability. Now that novel idea, that was even featured in the Wall Street Journal, is advancing the way geothermal heat systems are configured and installed.

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