• I have used TWISTER at for a number of residential and commercial projects at the request of the customer.  The product has been easy to work with and my customer is satisfied with the results and I look forward to using it again on future projects.

    Ryan Wragg Gap Mountain Drilling, NH
  • As a preferred drilling partner to Agreenability, we have found that the TWISTER works as promised, is easy to install with our standard equipment, and helps us to reduce the cost of our installations.

    Mike Barlow Thermal Loop Corporation, MD
  • I started doing geo systems in the mid 90's, coming from a background of hvac controls, mostly ocean loops at first and kept monitoring them for performance. Getting into drilling jobs, I looked at the typical borehole with 2 pipes in it, mostly touching each other and seldom the borehole wall. Then we add grout, which struck me as similar to porridge styrofoam and thought "this is stupid". Further experiments with my own grout mixes, sand, graphite, etc and then spacers got it a little better. At a trade show in Germany I saw my first double U-tube with spacers and got excited. I started importing spacers doing them exclusively and the performance was off the charts compared to "the stupid". However the labor component was a problem, lining up 4 guys for a day I didn't normally need. Feeding in 4 pipes, attaching spacers, filling with water, coordination etc. I came across Twisters and immediately saw the improvements of my previously proven work. And the driller could insert them in no time right then and there. I was sold. Outside of the really unusual projects, I now use them exclusively.

    Fred Feige Alias the geoguy.com
  • As a driller I have used the TWISTER on several projects. In each case the TWISTER performed very well, was easy to install with our standard equipment and reduced the cost of the loop field.

    Len Stone Bucks County Well Drilling, PA
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