TWISTERTM Is a geothermal heat exchanger for vertical borehole applications.  The advantages of using TWISTER in building applications of all sizes include the following…

  • Less Drilling (20%-50% Less): Results vary depending on ground properties and building load profile.
  • Reduced Cost by approximately 20%: By drilling less the cost of the installation is reduced.
  • Faster Installation: By drilling fewer feet of bore the drillers will complete the project quicker.  Sometimes months faster for large projects.  Getting the drillers off site quicker can result in additional saved money and faster overall project completion.
  • Less space requirements: Most large projects have some space constraints.  Working within those constraints  TWISTERTM can make more projects feasible and increase loopfield capacity of other projects.
  • More efficient operation: Depending on design objectives, TWISTERTM can be designed so as to reduce pumping power consumption as well as improved COP of operation resulting in less power consumption.

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